About us

Who are we?

We are a bunch of nerds, engineers, designers, sales, buyers, but most of all, cuisine connoisseurs. It's the exquisite of fine dining that brought us together. 

Our Values

Valiant to Be True

Truth reigns supreme. Honesty, authenticity, and transparency are the cornerstones of all interactions. Gekonians value individuals who are true to themselves and others, and strive to build trust through open communication. Gekonians never get discouraged by false premises or deceits, never slant or abuse linguistics, and always be dauntless to be open.



Gekonians pursue excellence with unwavering commitment. We take pride in work and always in the pursuit of perfection and paragon of ownership.


Empathy is the currency of comprehension. Gekonians value the ability to understand and connect with others on a deep level. They listen scrupulously to different perspectives and seek to understand the integral desire of customers and colleagues.

Determine and Discipline

Gekonians set clear goals, organize, manage effectively, and work diligently to achieve objectives. We win because they are determined and disciplined.


Passion is the spark that ignites our creativity and fuels our success. We seek to inspire others through our own enthusiasm, and we work to create an environment that fosters passion and enthusiasm in others.


Gekonians always seach for the integral value of each and every need. We think possible outcomes forefront, daring to take the responbility, and captaining for long-term gain. They avoid assuming generalizations, make sound judgements, and deliver strong actions convergent to the ideal.

Learn, Explore, Pioneer

Learning is a way of life. It means constant excersise of perspective-taking, freethinking and defying conformity. It means finding integrals and derivatives of the mind. Only by learning, we can dream grand dreams.


Gekonians dare to dance in the dark. We approach our work with a sprinkling of theatricality, but not necessarily work drama. We are always prepared to face the unknown and react in an unassuming stance, thus creating by tailoring to the nature of the subject-matter. To evolve is to innovate, to innovate is to improvise.


Gekonians value empathy, respect and honor all diversity. We strive to create a supportive and inclusive work environment. Being professional does not conflict with feeling for customers. 


Words are powerful vessels for ideas. We strive to communicate with clarity, effectiveness, and respect. We seek to create an environment of mutual understanding and collaboration through our words and actions.

Fail to Win

Gekonians are thirst for discovery. They value creative approaches to problem-solving, and embrace risk-taking and experimentation. There is only one code for success: fail to win.

Benign, not Belligerent

We believe in the power of healthy competition to drive us forward. We aim to outdo ourselves, not others, and we compete with fairness and ethics at the forefront.